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Choose a room


Please select the area of your new school or the town and area you want to live in.



Please let us know via phone or the contact form on this web page when you find an apartment that you want to know more about. Let us know your preferences such as rent, furnished apartments, distance to school, room size, and etc. We will introduce an apartment that meets your needs.

The process will go smoother if you have a Japanese speaker who can contact us, such as your school’s staff or a Japanese friend.

In case you do not have any acquaintances who can speak Japanese, you can call our multilingual hotline.

From Japan: 0120-300-158 (English, Chinese, and Korean Available / FREE CALL)

From outside Japan: +81-3-6860-6555 (Chinese and Korean Available) +81-75-280-6555(English Available)

Visiting the Apartment


If you find an apartment that suits you, we can take you to the apartment and show you around for free.

We’ll let you know the shop you should go to after you tell us the room that you want to see via call or e-mail.

The staff in the shop will take you to see the room.

If you like the apartment and want to book the room or make a contract, please let the staff know.

Application and contract procedures


After your application is submitted, there is a simple screening process, and then we will explain some important points about the contract and make a rental housing contract. This is when you will pay all or a part of the contract money. If you have any questions, please clarify your doubts before signing the contract.

Moving in


Once you receive the key of the apartment at the designated place, your new life begins!

Please be aware that you need to make separate arrangements for your gas, electricity and water supplies when you move in.

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